it’s true


i cooked again today – and despite the back and heel sores i’ve been getting, i actually enjoy it every single time.

you know, there are pros and cons to getting married early. one of the pros, is that you learn a whole lot of things at an early age. the cons of it? the amount of times you feel dumb- you feel dumb at a much faster rate. almost everyday, you figure out something new and you gain new skills- which simultaneously makes you feel dumb. you’d learn something new or find a solution to a problem you’ve been trying to overcome for days (eg: trying to carry the pestle & mortar off the counter when i’m not supposed to be carrying heavy weights. i ended up leaving it on the counter instead)

it’s like playing the sims. everyday you click on the bookshelf and ask your sim to ‘study, cook’ or force it to head over to the kitchen just to ‘clean counter’ so that they’d gain cooking and cleaning points. the satisfaction of seeing your sim gain a skillpoint though- it’s priceless.

it makes you understand that no one would ever learn anything or become a master of a certain thing, without having to go through that ‘i’m so dumb?’ phase.

egoistical creatures would find it hard to overcome these phases. i would know.

i guess that’s what’s been happening daily, since my husband and i tied the knot. it’s a first that i’ve stayed outside of my own home, ever, and to top it off- with a man (not just any man though, a man who’d lived and survived years ahead, alone and away from his family).

that’s both the pros and cons, of early marriage for a woman, i suppose. you live in a new home, away from the comfort of all the familiar faces that you would normally see daily, you’d begin to understand the layout of your new home differently and try to adapt yourself as you come home to a different scent than your previous home, with ‘responsibilities’ towards your husband (which you actually honestly, execute out of love and sheer respect) and only then, comprehending the fact that ‘this house belongs to you as well now, and you are to maintain it with or without your SO’.

i’ve got no problem cooking though. in fact, i’ve got no problem carrying out any task at home. chores, is my middle name!

– or at least it had been, until the good news came up. it’s a horrendous feeling though, knowing you could’ve gone to distances, and that the possibilities of achieving anything you’d want to in life at the mo is a definite 100 on a scale of one to hundred.

i used to prefer walking or running up the stairs everywhere i had the chance to, just because i don’t fancy being idle on a machine that brings me upwards to the second or third level because i’ve been created with a pair of legs that do the same. imagine one day, knowing that without an option, you’re practically stuck on that machine. just because.

just because, mother nature says ‘no intense body movements or stress while you’re baring what God’s given you’.

i’m not complaining. honestly. i love it. i love being stuck to the stair-like-machine-that-brings-people-up-and-down, going up without feeling bad for not using the stairs. mother nature had in fact, given me a solid reason to finally loosen up.

in fact, i have become lazy enough to continue chugging through my train of womanly thoughts onto this online medium because i just remembered i’ve got a pile of clothes to be folded and placed at their designated areas before i end up feeling bad as i witness my husband folding all the clothes himself with a straightup-facial-expression smacked onto that oh so beautiful face of his which i absolutely adore.


p/s: being married has been wonderful so far. waking up to the warmth and fragrance of your husband’s embrace is an unexplainable feeling, almost as good as receiving news that you’re valedictorian of your batch after all the hardwork and effort you’d put into your life- except in my case, i’m feeling the first and not the latter.

i much prefer it that way anyway.

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