you wont

you won’t get any better until you learn to pickup from all the failures you’ve been through. i personally learned this the hard way- by cooking. throughout my whole cooking experience, i’ve had trouble trying to control the fire. i keep reverting my fire to full blast, forgetting the fact that the temperature nozzle exists for a reason.

this went on for a few years until i managed to snap out of all the cooking daze. one day i was cooking ikan tenggiri masak sambal and burnt my tumisan just because i left the fire on too long while i struggled to wash all the dishes simultaneously.

no! that’s not the way. keep your fire low if you’re planning on doing something simultaneously and if the dish requires you to cook it at full blast, pay attention to it!

that’s when it hit me, failure doesn’t leave you sad, down in the dumps and depressed for long. yeah, maybe my burnt tumisan didn’t turn out too well and i couldn’t proceed with my cooking because i ran out of ingredients after some of them got burnt previously – had to coax my mom into bringing me out for Nandos’s while she had absolutely no idea that i’d wanted to try cooking different things to make her understand how much effort i’d be willing to put in so she’d trust that i’d be able to take care of my potential husband one day.

that fail tumisan made me understand that i should leave the oil hot before i put the tumisan in, then cook it at a medium-low fire.. until it smells ‘just nice’ and not ‘black-burnt’.

so after how many tries after, i managed to make my ikan tenggiri masak sambal work. it even tastes Good.

failures should hurt us all just a teensy bit, but being stuck in a rut forever from one simple failure shouldn’t stop us from getting better.

another experience that made me understand what failure means, is when i was rejected by a company from being part of their ‘internship programme’, with the reason being ‘you don’t fit the cut and you don’t have all the requirements we’re looking for, sorry!’ – oh mind you, i’ve never felt so insulted ever in my life. especially after i’d been so supportive of their company all my life.

but you know what? they’re right. i may not meet all the requirements that they’re looking for because i meet all the requirements that my husband’s looking for- and perhaps a few more others who need me in their lives.

failure should also teach us to look at things on a brighter side. it prolly does help too, having supportive people around you.
so at the end of the day, failure brings you to greater possibilities. much greater, and they don’t necessarily need to be related to the same thing you failed in.
so who knows. God has marvelous ways of showing us all what’s really meant for us. maybe i wasn’t meant to work in their company, simply because one day, maybe, they’re meant to work for me.


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