i think there are tonnes of pros and cons, of being a jane of all trades. you can do and pick up every single thing, but moderately. a person could chuck any single job to you and you’d pick it up fast, but because you know you that you could pick things up fast, you tend to have difficulties trying to decide what exactly to focus in.

a jane could be good in gardening, hiking, golfing, singing, cooking, remembering and understanding multiple languages, mathematical reasoning, playing musical instruments, driving, talking to people and maybe even fishing. this very same jane would have the problem of deciding what exactly, to pursue in life.

i would bravely admit that i’ve got some of this.. this ‘jane’ genetics in me. ok. i may not be able to do everything, but i’m not afraid to somewhat explore and get the hang of doing a lot of things at one go.

instead of everyone thinking ‘ah, so you’re saying you can do practically anything? you’re pretty full of yourself?’ – no, listen, being a jane is definitely not a bonus. being a jane means having to actually spend years of your life trying to figure out what to settle down with, when simultaneously, people of your age group who aren’t janes could easily settle down with one thing they’re superb in and survive or even succeed in it for the rest of their lives.

so if you were once a jane, i’d like to know. how exactly did you decide?

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