yellow lamborghini

i read an article about how rich people behave. how true rich people behave.

the article stated that some rich people love to appear flamboyant, yet there are also some prefer who to stay low-key. regardless of how they want to appear to the public, we know if not them, somewhere along the line of their family, had worked hard for their current lifestyle.

however, it’s sick how rich people are portrayed in the national media though – snobby and ignorant; big houses, businessmen, trying to marry off their children for partnerships, marrying another wife and driving around in range rovers. it’s sickening too, how the upper-hand people are giving so-called advices to people who are ‘less fortunate’ and these are advices that make no sense at all. yet they wonder why rich people are commonly fit to such a stereotype and deemed as ‘dumb’ and or, ‘unworldly’.

please note that i’m writing all of this without placing myself in any of the social classes.

so thing is. behaviours differ. it differs with experience. not all rich people are the same.

a person could be filthy rich -luxurious cars all in a row with servants polishing the corners of their marble staircase entrance once in two hours, have their drivers run to Ben’s for a bottle of Rao’s homemade pasta sauce because their one-year-old child wants pasta instead of steak for breakfast.

yet another filthy rich person, could be living in a simple two-story house with a myvi or perodua car, still heading over to their local pasar tani for their poultry and fish or visit tesco and giant for their groceries themselves. they could be dressed in utmost simplicity from head to toe, all from F.O.S. however without you even knowing it, both types of filthy rich people might even frequent the mosque more than most of the people. they probably donate more than any of us, help a gramma in need and offer smiles or a hand in other people’s financial problems, than any other moderately-living people do. they may even be the ones who shut up rather than speak of other people’s wealth.

not saying that there aren’t any wealthy people who aren’t exactly living like how the article’d described them to be. the person who wrote the article probably observed and interacted with rich people who are as written, more than those who prefer not to be showy.

this particular post actually points back to the most regularly seen statement: don’t judge. none of us should judge anyone by what they wear, what they work as, their mode of transport or even the sport that they play because who knows. that chick you see driving a bigass car might be the same chick who drops her name to every rich person she meets, yet her mother and sister in that same care might just walk out of that very big car in a tees and tracksuits purchased from an RM1 bundle.

we may never know.

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