think about it

insecurities and expressing, don’t go hand in hand. that’s personally my opinion.

one day. you look into the mirror and notice that your arm’s still as flabby as it can be even after all the diets and exercises you’ve been doing for two to three months straight. you then try to continue your regime but fail, because you eventually reach that point where you just don’t think anything would work.

you vent it out. you vent it out to someone close to you. you tell them you’ve got arms as flabby as a water balloon. you seek their comfort. yeah, that’s all you want from them, comfort. you want the comfort. you expect words such as, “it’s okay, you keep doing your exercises and eat clean, you’ll lose those flabs in no time, no joke! it’s proven”, and/or, “maybe that’s just how you are. we’re all humans, we’re beautiful as how we’re made to be, inside and out. your arms are flabby but if any person loves you for you, they’ll ignore it. they’ll ignore your flab, in fact they’ll grow to love your flab”.

that’s true. that’s very true.

however. these people forget that they have anger, and humans are prone to make mistakes.

have you ever encountered the same person you’ve vented all your insecurities to when they’re full of anger towards you? have you ever met that very same person after letting them down (accidentally or not), and heard them either spreading your insecurities around to other people just to feel good about themselves as their form of venting? have you heard them pointing back to your flabby arms and reminded you that, during that moment when you were down, they were there for you, and now all they’re feeling is a form of betrayal?

anger can change a person, as whole. it may be temporarily, but as temporary as it is, words affect a person’s entire life and perspective of things.

i learned not to express my insecurities to just anyone. not anymore, at least. it hurts, yes, but i feel more secure that way – that in any way, my insecurities are mine to handle, and if anyone notices what’s bothering me, they’d have to ask. they’d have to guess, and whatever advise they try to coax me with, i’d only absorb those that make sense to what’s hurting me.

a person can be a friend when all is good, and a foe when things are a wreck.

so think about it. know what to reveal, and know what to solve yourself. because in my opinion, He created a brain for you to solve your problems with, and He lent you a heart to feel such emotions for one reason- to fall back to none other than Him.

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