the weeknd

music is really powerful.

just wondering, have you ever woken up in the middle of your sleep and suddenly have a song playing inside your head?

this morning, i woke up to reposition myself, facing my left. as i turned, i suddenly heard one of the weeknd’s song at the back of my head, and it almost seems as though it’s been lulling me to sleep the whole time.

like. basically the song faded in as i turned- and it wasn’t at a start a specific point of the song such as the chorus or the verse, it just.. faded in at a random part of the song.

mashaaAllah, it’s simply amazing how our brains function.

admittedly, i’ve been listening to the song a whole lot but never did it ever occur to me that i’ll be listening to it on replay, subconsciously looping over and over and over and over again at the back of my head.

has it ever happened to you as well?

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