070117 in kedah


photos by @brightpictures_

aside from the fact that i’d lost weight after the solemnization and that the kedah-kurung then looked rather big on me, it was all amazing!

prepping for kedah was quite difficult and hasty, regardless of the two-week gap we had for all three events: solemnization, wedding in kl and wedding in kedah. i can’t imagine other brides and grooms who had to manage for weddings that were day-to-day back-to-back! it’s all about planning, actually. faith, time, planning and a tinge of hope/luck!

our outfits for kedah didn’t cost a bomb. my materials were about rm300 (lace + lining, bought during a mega jakel sale) and i sent my kurung over to this little tailor shop over at the old-bintang flat because my sister always sends her clothes for tailoring there. that cost me rm100 and the veil was rm89 from gulatis. ag’s baju melayu was around rm150 from bak’s. his sampin came as a package along with the lace and lining i’d bought from jakel, and his buttons are my brother’s. my scarf was just rm30. total? plus minus, rm600 – rm700 ish.

the bouquet was rm130, and it was done by my pakndak + makndak (i personally think they gave me precisely what i asked of my bouquet: for it to look simple yet still elegant and exquisite enough for a wedding). you can find the tiara i wore, up for rental over at my brother’s shop, @theprettythingsmy and believe me, if you’re the type who doesn’t want to splurge on your wedding decos or throw your money over at wedding planners, you should head over to their shop and look look see see what you like. there are TONNES of pretty CHEAP things up for rental, and they sure do live up to their name.

note that this is not a sponsored paragraph. ok. 

all in all, the kedah wedding went on smoothly despite some teeny chaotic moments (well chaotic moments lah are what makes weddings, weddings, kan?). since my kampung is in changlun and ag’s house is over at alor setar, my whole big extended family had a blast gathering together, meeting all the relatives we haven’t met for years again!

props to ag’s papa and mama for conducting a really simple but memorable, kampung wedding. that’s what papa said, “i want this wedding to be a kampung wedding. this house is an old kampung house. with ag’s siblings, i’d made sure the house lives up to it’s name and our legacy. this is our last wedding, so by hook or by crook, i will try my best to give everyone a kampung wedding that gives off a nostalgic vibe to those who are my age, yet still comfortable enough for youngsters like you and ag”. he darn diggity did it, that’s for sure.

anywho. just posting this out of excitement that the photos are finally ready. i’m hoping that it’ll help some of you out there to feel much better that you don’t entirely have to spend much for a lavish wedding to feel satisfied- well unless you’ve been dreaming of one all your life. i know of a lot of people who spend less than rm500 for everything (clothes, deco, food) by cutting down lots of things like the pelamin, professional photographers etc. and if that’s what you aim for, then go for it!

don’t ever let anybody set a benchmark for your wedding, and don’t ever let anybody tell you how your wedding should be like. if you don’t like it, say it. if you proceed with something you thought you liked earlier but ended up not liking how it looks like later, tell yourself it’s alright. regardless of it being a once-in-a-lifetime-experience, God must’ve let you go through it for some good reason that might never have crossed your mind and all you need to do is to accept it.

to those of you who are tearing your heart and brain out prepping for your upcoming wedding, all the best and get enough sleep! to those of you who are reading this, going all, “untung la dah kahwin“, “aku lama lagi kot” or even, “taknak kahwin pun“, i can’t say much but korang tunggu and doa je lah. your time will come, and whatever’s meant to be, is definitely meant to be.

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