daily occasions

these are what i put on when i go out for:

  • casual lunch/dinners
  • meeting people for specific reasons
  • meetings
  • work

otherwise, harapanla nak pakai makeup. i ain’t no beauty guru. this video’s actually catered to the girls out there who have dm-ed me on twitter and on instagram, asking me what i put on my face to look ‘au naturale‘ most of the time. basically, it’s because i dont really bother. in the video, i drew on my eyebrows but in total honesty, that’s only if i have to meet people or go for meetings with our manager, or when i’ve been lazy the whole day until my face decides that it should stick to looking lazy, regardless of how rajin i become later in the day when i’m about to go out. of course, despite the fact that i don’t really like putting makeup on my face, i still am a muslim and a girl, and being neat, clean and presentable still matters to me.

wouldn’t want some non-muslims who can’t think straight, to criticize muslims for looking disheveled and scruffy, then pointing their fingers towards our religion zz.

again, note that i do not claim myself as someone who’s all about beauty and i most of the time don’t bother wearing makeup everyday unless for the specified reasons above. sorry just had to remind y’all again and again incase any thoughts or statements like, “she’s drawing her eyebrows wrongly” and “she should wear bb cream!” well no, i wear what i want, how i want to, and if i want to improve on the way i do my makeup, i’ll do it on my own will at my own pace.

jk. i can do legit makeup, when i have to. for most of haniandzue’s shows, we wear our own makeup and that’s just how we prefer to wear our makeup- minimal, not thick, and presentable enough for our skins to breathe.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 5.50.17 PM.png

so here’s to all you beginners. have fun!

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