amazing, grace

sometimes, it amazes me how much you could adore a person within, to the extent that every single one of their flaw can simply be pushed away.

i can stare at every single bit of my husband’s face. place me at any angle or point of view that makes him look way older or slightly bigger in the wrongest places, and i can still admire every bit of him.

i don’t know about you but it may just be a habit of mine, to silently Admire.

i used to sit at coffee shops watching people who were minding their own businesses, and i’d quickly draw continuous lines on my sketchbook to form every single bit of their face and figure just so i could capture a precious subconscious moment we would never be able to retrieve in the future. in this case, i can’t say that i adore them but i could say that i definitely, adore what He has created.

amazing how the miniature lines beside a person’s eyes, each tell a different story of their own. amazing how the tale of a person’s upbringing and what he or she has gone through can be deciphered just by the texture of their skin, the way they fold their legs and even by the tone of their voices. amazing how He’s created everything and every storyline perfectly, causing us to subconsciously depend on one another in order for the human cycle to flow exactly how He’s planned for it to be.

so back to the whole point- it’s simply amazing, how He’s absolutely real; and yet, a great deal of y’all out there are still doubtful of His existence and the fact that He’s truly, the Almighty.

peace be upon you.

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