looks pretty damp to me


14042017, 6:26pm

all my life, i’ve had two to three towels that i interchange every few months. as i grew into a teenager, i began to only interchange between two towels that i’d ask my maid to help wash, every three months.

i love those towels, because i wash them frequently and they don’t carry any odour or stain. i also think bath towels are pretty precious items that you should treat as something that’s somewhat equivalent to diamonds or precious stones.

when you’re wet out of the shower, your towel is what absorbs every single bit of water dripping from your body. could you imagine yourself walking out of the shower every single day, airdrying to no tomorrow? i mean. it’s possible to have a dry body by doing so but it obviously means wasting half to one hour of your day just air-drying your skin (also, provided you live in a house or room alone). with a towel however, your life’s pretty much sped up by at least 2%.

you do also know that towels are holy grails that should never touch the floor?

be it your kitchen or the living room, you should never have your towel touching the floor because face it- your floor is dirty, however spick and spotless it may seem. the moment you take your shoes off and walk around the house, you’re already bringing and spreading the bacteria or dirt on your feet onto the floor of your house.

imagine leaving your towel on (or even letting it touch) the floor, then using that very same towel made out of cotton, bamboo, rayon or whatever material it may be made out of, to wipe the water off your skin? smothering your skin with all the bacteria and dirt that’s made contact with that very same towel?

wiping you hoo-haa dry with that very same towel?!

that’s why towels are important. keeping it clean by regularly washing it and later on hanging it dry, is extremely important. call me a germaphobe, but these little things matter. some people even get UTIs from their unwashed towels, and some people get temporary-rashes without even realizing it’s because of their damp towel that they’d left on the floor overnight.

remember. keep your towels clean, and you’ll be safe.

this is not a sponsored post and please note that this topic randomly popped in my head as i saw my towel hanging as i was bathing this morning, but sometimes we all need a little flick on our foreheads regarding the teeniest things that may cause major changes in our lives.
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