/sɔːlt/, /sɒlt/

halu. there’ve been requests from a few friends of mine, for me to share a super easy way i make buttermilk-chicken. here you go:


for chicken prep:

  • chicken fillets (quantity totally depends on your own preference)
  • 1 egg (cracked, beaten and layed out on a plate)
  • a few spoons of wheatflour
  • 1/2 packet of meat curry powder
  • salt & pepper

how to prep the chicken:

simply marinate your chicken with salt and pepper (most of the time i’m placed in a situation where i need to rush to do this dish, so i don’t marinate it for long, more or less about 10-15 mins). mix the wheatflour and meat curry powder in a bowl. now, dip each chicken fillet into the beaten egg, and then into the mixture of wheatflour and curry powder.

once you’ve done it for all your chickens, off they go, deepfried!

so here’s for those of you who don’t know how to deepfry (believe me, i’ve been through the ‘ok how do i even deepfry?’ phase ok, don’t be indenial, i know some of you have no idea how so here i am to teach you don’t be shy about it):

place a wok (you don’t need a huge-ass nasi goreng kind of wok for  this. a small one you use to cook mata-lembu eggs would do) onto your stove. then put a whole lot of oil into it and put your heat on high.

what i do is, i would put my heat back to low and only then, put all my chickens in. not only because i don’t care whether or not how crisp my chickens would turn out to be, but i mainly want the insides of it to be cooked, so slow-fire is always the way to cook inside out.

once they turn golden brown, take them off the wok and put them onto a plate! let it rest while you get onto your butter-milk gravy!

for the butter-milk gravy:

  • 1/4 of salted butter
  • 3/4 of a tinned condensed milk
  • a hint of sugar
  • a pinch (or 1/4 cups) of chicken stock / salt & pepper
  • 4 green bird-eye chilli’s (uncut, just washed)
  • a strand of curry leaves

this one’s easy peasy!

in a saucepan, turn the heat on and let the saucepan warm up. once you can feel the heat all nice and warm enough when you hover your hand over the saucepan, you can already add in the salted butter. this time, turn your fire to low.

once the butter has metled (don’t leave it out for too long and remember, not on high heat or you’ll end up having roasted butter for lunch/dinner instead), pour in your condensed milk, your curry leaves and bird-eye chilli’s, and continuously stir it until everything starts to simmer.

now you’re ready to put all the chicken you’ve left aside, into the saucepan! then, just sprinkle a hint of sugar, and add in the chicken stock.

once you’ve poured everything in, continuously stir the buttermilk chicken until the gravy becomes somewhat thick (or you can just pour a bit more of condensed milk in if you’re the soupy type).


you’ll then have a beautiful serving of butter-milk chicken for yourself or your whole family to devour *o*

if you know me well enough, you’ll know that i’m not really a fatty-food kind of person, but when it comes to butter-milk, i really go all out! here’s how i served mine and ag’s today:


no sayur, because i had a whole lot of sayur yesterday and today i’d probably be having a lot of it later on for dinner too.

so have fun trying! do tell me if you managed to make it work. to the professionals out there, everyone’s got their own way of cooking so if i did anything that ‘ain’t enough‘ or ‘ain’t right in the law of cooking‘, please forgive me! — and forget it B)

note: you don’t really need to follow the exact amount of ingredients that i used. bak kata aunty aini during gordon ramsay’s visit to her restaurant, ‘you just have to agak agak!’ and this ‘agak agak’ sense will come to you once you’ve had more than enough cooking practise, trials and errors, all the best!

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