been there

you know. you’re not alone. i’ve been stuck in positions where someone needs my help- in dire need, even, and i can’t refrain myself from feeling like they’ve got a hidden agenda behind everything.

this happens when you’re the type of person who has given everything to people around you, you’ve lent tonnes of helping hands when you’ve been simultaneously been lending the hands that are already helping another person (did you get what i mean? confusing sentence, eep) – and sadly you’ve encountered instances where they’d ask you for help only to take credit for everything and/or, you go through milestones trying to help them at the expense of your own time, energy, dignity and relationships with people who matter (such as your parents, your family members, your cat maybe, etc).

and at the end of the day you just end up, like.. not wanting to help that person. because as i’d mentioned earlier, you’ve gone through numerous instances where you susahkan diri and you put your relationships at stake, just trying to help one person who eventually takes credit for everything, or well, basically used you..

but then again at the end of the day, it’s all back to square one. you still end up helping them, simply because of Allah.

hm. life.


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