the door is unlocked

my parents were never ones who’d let me out at night, honestly. if not for the working hours that haniandzue goes through and for submission deadlines, i’d be locked inside the house. not that i dread it now, but it’s always been ‘the way’.

so as i move out of the house into my new home, there’s actually no restrictions here. it’s just me, myself, my husband, our kitty, and i. my husband’s one to stay up late, that’s just the nature of his work and he’s been doing so practically his whole lifetime. whereas i, i’ve been trained all this while to stay home at night and preferably sleep early (one am latest). i never got to sleeping-early though, probably because of work too, but i never saw any point in lepak-ing late at night. despite the fact that i’ve done it myself before i got married – lepak following friends to subang jaya for supper etc, then getting back to work after supper but i never sought comfort in knowing that my parents don’t fancy such a lifestyle.

don’t you think it’s amazing how our parents play such an important role, in terms of mind development? it’s amazing how after all those years of wanting to just chill and live like how the other teens live – going out late at night, balik anytime, lepak, etc; now that i have the freedom to do it, i don’t actually want it anymore- oh even worst, i think it’s a waste of time and money, and i’d rather stay in just to spend time with my husband if he’s not working, or to do something productive like building my portfolio or learning/writing a new song.

i can’t wait till i have my own to restrict and protect, see them get angry about it and later on naturally adhering to the lifestyle i’ve always trained them to live by. heh.

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