being pregnant takes a lot of strength. not only physically, but emotionally and mentally, too.

i can’t imagine how our mothers and ancestors did it back then. now it’s all about being cautious and being as careful as you can, trying your best not to complicate anything when it comes to the baby’s position and health. how did our mothers and ancestors do it back then when times were extremely harder in comparison to the luxurious lifestyle we’re living in now?

it’s been pretty tough for me in all aspects, even if i would consider myself exceptionally lucky compared to other mothers who are suffering/struggling even worst. i would say this one’s more of an emotionally challenging ride, rather than a physical one (and i’m not surprised if most of the mothers out there claim that it’s an age factor).

i still have time to give my baby the best of what i could while baby still in here. food, drinks, supplements, reciting the qur’an to baby, singing to baby, working my brain on something pretty mind-boggling or even playing instruments/drawing to relax myself, cooking and walking around to ease birth. i guess that’s all i need to keep doing before baby comes out to meet us (inshaaAllah).

at 23, i never thought i’d be carrying a baby. i always imagined myself staying up late at an advert/design firm or production house (be it single or married), cracking my brain and physically torturing myself (as a workaholic i can happily admit to causing self-physical-abuse, and such examples of self-physical-abusement includes: drinking too much caffeine, skipping meals, staring at the screen for 12 hours while i sit in a position that distorts my bodily posture, ignoring friends who invite me out for tea/movies, etc) to catch deadlines and rant to myself about how annoyingly grateful i am to even be able to deal with the existence of clients (or basically, having a paid job), at 23. especially considering how active and engrossed in my own working world, i could be.

however, as i mentioned, here i am, at 23, carrying a baby inside me. a legit human-being, a life form, growing inside of me, with me, as a medium.

amazing how the world works, no?

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