a little distortion goes a long way

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 7.27.18 PM.png

have you ever went through a really magical experience, thinking that at the end of the day, whatever it is, nothing else matters, and that such an experience would make you feel happy, even in the long run?

have you ever felt like something was so perfect, too perfect that you start to worry, and doubts start popping up, one by one in your head (not even like how mushrooms pop out after a rainy day, but like how popcorns do when it’s all cooked)?

ever felt like it was too good, to be true, that those doubts start to drive you mad- to a point where you begin to look at all the negativity that has always been locked up somewhere in one of those little random boxes in your head, with police-lines blocking you from accessing that particular box?

have you ever just.. went for it anyway?

if you have, then i’m very sure of how distorted, your whole point of view of what was once perfect, has become.

the thing about distorted point of views, is that, they never really get back into shape.

you’ll never see things the same way ever again- but it’s all up to you, whether you’d like to move on and accept that distorted image, or whether you’d like to distort it even more, into a shape that’s more comfortable for your eyes.

it’s tough. it really is tough.

if you’ve ever accepted a distortion, please drop me a note over at zulianaeusoff@gmail.com. i’d really like to know how you’ve come to accept your experience of reality-distortion.

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