it’s nothing ‘lah’

easy for you to say.

in one week, a mommy-to-be faces certain problems using anything in public. a perfect example would be: the public toilet.

bidets are tough.

i have to admit, i’ve been isolating myself from the public- not because of my natural tendency to embrace my introverted personality when in times of severe sensitivity/anxiety, but because being heavily pregnant is a pretty tough game!

not carrying a beautiful being inside your tummy and using the bidet is already tough enough of an intermediate-levelled game, now, being pregnant, and even attempting to use a bidet, is a whole new advancement.

imagine having to stand/squat (?) halfway, trying to get the bidet to aim properly at your weewee, simultaneously balancing yourself from falling frontwards and also clutching onto your underwear/pants tightly incase the bidet water leaks. too much info? i think not. it’s a fact: bidets, are not pregnancy-friendly.

using a squatting toilet with the normal spray attached to the pipe though, shouldn’t be a problem for most others but in my case, i wouldn’t go for that.

i was traumatised by my maid (bik ana)’s story of how she was late in her pregnancy when she had to pee. standard lah, kampung toilet sure the squatting one. so as she was doing her squatting business, her waterbag burst and she had no idea, thinking it was just pee.

she went on with her day thinking it was nothing, and ended up losing her child due to suffocation (casually holding back my tears as i type this out).

so squatting toilets are a no-no for me.

the point of me writing this post is actually because i’d just experienced the sweetest thing ever when i just had to go at midvalley just now.

i waited for a cubicle to be free and as it opened, the lady before me walked out, revealing a bidet toilet. i crunched up my tissue with a look that i assumed was obvious enough to portray all the uncomfortable thoughts that were popping in my head.

the aunty janitor walked out from the cubicle nextdoor (which was supposed to be a specific one for janitors since it was pretty much labelled with “janitor”). she was an indonesian lady, possibly in her fifties, and she looked at me before she turned over to look into the cubicle. she then looked back at me and smiled. she proceeded to take a length of tissue from the tissue roll that was closeby, she went into the cubicle that i had been “observing” for the past half a minute, and sanitized the seat.

when she walked back out, she smiled at me, saying, “pelan pelan saja ya”.

that was honestly one of the sweetest gestures i’ve ever received from any member of the public, ever! this aunty casually wiped the toilet seat with a sanitizer just to make me feel at least comfortable enough to sit on, also knowing how tough it would be for me to cleanse myself, therefore comforting me with those words.

without hesitation, i smiled, nodded and said thank you.

then the bidet nightmare begin, as how i’d exactly pictured it out to be.

bottomline is, i wish everybody had the knowledge of proper etiquettes for those in need: elderly people, mothers with children, expecting mothers, etc. i wish most of us gave up their seats in the lrt or even anywhere that was packed, for these people. i wish people who were smoking wouldn’t light up their cigarettes in front of expecting mothers and babies/children. basically, i wish we all knew how to love one another- generally.

at the end of the day, i just hope that the next public toilet i pay a visit to would be one that’s clean, with an attached spray/hose because boy oh boy, menungging for a good aim is definitely not comfortable at this point of the pregnancy.

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