hikayat hidayatku i : so this is it

“baby’s all well. you just haven’t opened. tak ada jalan langsung. cervix is very favourable, baby is engaged, just no way out”

i sighed, wondering if it’s even possible for me to naturally have a go at this.

i had sifoo lay on my lap as she slept peacefully, while i waited for the final meal i could sukahati eat before my pantang starts. i asked ag for a subway wrap, and that was indeed, the final meal before my whole life had changed.

i looked over at sifoo who was sleeping soundly. i bent down to stroke her head, asking her to pray for us. she returned my request with a tiny “mew”.

i had tears in my eyes- knowing that i’d have to leave her for a long time; and suddenly realizing the fact that i was basically walking into a whole new chapter of my life- no more just my husband and i walking around in midvalley, no more cooking for two, no more waking up with just sifoo meowing at us, no more two-of-us dates; not that i wasn’t happy about receiving a new love into our lives, but in all honesty, i wish i had more time and did more things, just the two of us.

that was the last of sifoo that i could remember.

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