dah pantang memantang: ii

hi guys! it’s been what, thirty two days? here i am, finally, typing on my b o o t i p u l macbook once again! just so you know, my macbook’s been my closest companion since the year 2012 (wow, it’s been five years?) and i feel so rejuvenated just reuniting with it! :insert really huge heart emoji right here:

i got my macbook back when my old vaio’s battery started dying on me (i used that vaio since i was fifteen? meaning, it lasted about 3 years and endured all the pain/hardship of my excruciatingly active and heavily-filled-with-.psd-and.ai-files foundation years- okay la kan for a vaio yang tak upgrade apa apa pun?) and i got it from taylors’ e-xperience store (which i heard, has closed down? ruginya you all yang baru masuk ni, dah la famous amous pun takdak dah?) luckily, using a student discount! in this case, Godbless that super cekik-darah university.

anywho. back to pantang.

i had three solid weeks of being traditionally tended to by my urut lady. she’s a swell lady who’s almost all the time in a jolly mood! sometimes a tad bit too jolly for my super sensitive boy though, who wakes up almost immediately after she says, “assalamualaikum!“.

during those three weeks, the morning routine would go as so:
1. wake up (if lucky, with some energy left, if not, basically on auto-pilot mode)
2. feed baby while mother (who’s also almost all the time zombified by a whole night’s session of her grandma duty as she assists me with burping the poor boy) picks up the urut lady
3. receive beautiful relaxing muscle-loosening & vein-straightening traditional massage, bathe self using traditionally prepared water containing a combination of herbs
4. kecoh a bit as i get dressed because simultaneously the urut lady helps me bathe my boy and get him dressed
5. tunku, bengkung & feeding time again

those however, were super tough weeks. now that i’ve gone past my 30th day, alhamdulillah things seem to be slightly better – or rather, i successfully managed to muster all the patience i have and utilize it whenever necessary.

twelve days left till i could have a taste of teh again! (looks over to baby who’s almost always windy)

.. or not.

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