dah pantang memantang: iv

Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 10.28.44 AM

here are some notes, reminding myself that i should be convinced with my maternal instincts:

i am convinced that..

  • my child does not sleep at night because he has yet to settle down with the worldly bodyclock. i’ve tried cutting down my coffee (totally, imagine that?!), and a few other “energy-boosting” food/beverages, however, he is still almost always wide awake at night.
    therefore: coffee every morning, back on.
  • my child needs to be hugged almost twenty four seven, and he will not fall into deep slumber if we do not swing him for at least a solid hour. the goal is always to make sure he falls back asleep before he manages to yawn the third time in your arms. when successful, it’s “land, ho!”. otherwise, it’s back to square one- with a super cranky baby wriggling around in your arms.
    therefore: swing, swing, and swing till you drop.
  • last but not the very least, if all of the above recurs, he’s going through a growth spurt.
    therefore: persevere, mama!

born 3.35kg, then 4.3kg at his one month mark, that’s pretty good i suppose?

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