dah pantang memantang: v

here i am, receiving a good back massage from bik ana (a good one, yes, but rather distracted one too since she’s simultaneously watching her favourite indonesian sinetron on her phone- ah maids and youtube nowadays).

today will be my final day of confinement and i’m honestly looking forward to the end of it. i had a blast! .. foodwise. at other times, i dreaded the fact that i wasn’t recovering as quick and swiftly as i thought i would, for a twenty three year old.

partly because my son’s quite a cheeky/tough one. ah.

anywho. i’ll be having a slice of pepperoni pizza tomorrow and believe me, it wasn’t even my idea. they were all having a good pizza night just now. had three large boxes of pizza ordered and when i went to my mom’s for a toilet break, she casually asked, “yana nak pizza?”. without hesitation, i said, “boleh kan? dah last day dah esok”. she smiled. “boleh, tapi kamu ada double chin tu, nak ke?”


i’m having pizza for breakfast tomorrow, nonetheless.

all in all, my pantang was a huge roller coaster ride. can’t say i hated it, can’t say i loved it either but alhamdulillah, troubles and pain aside- it’s all good, and definitely an experience that not everybody is able to go through.


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