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hidayat: the eczema expedition i

ever felt so helpless, you just end up praying to Him nonstop for something to happen, and for time to move as fast as it could? this was exactly what i’d felt the night my son couldn’t stop waking up … Continue reading

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the tiger

it was around eight fourty in the morning when i was seated at the dining table over at my parents’ house. daddy was having his breakfast, while i sat drinking a warm cup of rooibos tea. in the background, the … Continue reading

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two thousand and seventeen

you know what i honestly miss about two thousand seventeen? the freedom i had. ok. not really. contradicting statement right there because i wasn’t really free enough- technically, because i had to watch out for a baking baby inside my … Continue reading

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ma cherie

to eternity (and siblings? hopefully! pray mama moves on from her traumatic memory of delivering you, if you want any), and beyond. i can’t even explain how much i love you, despite all the back-pain & sleepless nights of frequent … Continue reading

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a soul, my mate

ever had a soulmate who was never meant to be a permanent fixture in your book of life? i have. i’d like to keep his real name to myself, but let’s just call him A- standardised sangat, macam those psychologist-advice … Continue reading

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what’s on the menu today?

truth be told, i haven’t cooked for almost a whole year. do you know how saddening it is, to look at all the good food people are cooking and here you are, having to eat foodpanda all day?– just kidding! … Continue reading

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mommy-arms, represent!

ah. the magical carseat. it’s slightly bewildering, the fact that my son only approves of napping no where else other than in anybody’s arms or, as recent studies have shown, in his maxicosi. ag and i figured that he may … Continue reading

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