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blessed, are you?

some people are just really blessed, while others, aren’t as much. remember when i mentioned in my previous post, the fact that i haven’t been feeling grateful enough? indeed, i haven’t. i’m actually putting all the blame on my hormones, … Continue reading

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hikayat hidayatku i : so this is it

“baby’s all well. you just haven’t opened. tak ada jalan langsung. cervix is very favourable, baby is engaged, just no way out” i sighed, wondering if it’s even possible for me to naturally have a go at this. – i … Continue reading

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solo ride until i dive

went to walk around today with my brother, accompanied him to get packs of instant curry katsu sauce over at paradigm’s okashi. i then remembered an e-mail i’d received from sephora regarding the birthday-month gift that i had to redeem, … Continue reading

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i’m finally full-term, and i’ve come to terms that i’m pregnant. while others have gained working experience in the industry to sustain themselves in their lives and for the sake of their passion/future, here i’ve been – still unemployed full-time, … Continue reading

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it’s nothing ‘lah’

easy for you to say. in one week, a mommy-to-be faces certain problems using anything in public. a perfect example would be: the public toilet. bidets are tough. i have to admit, i’ve been isolating myself from the public- not … Continue reading

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3am onwards

i’ve been having trouble getting good quality sleep throughout the night. no, not because of the late-student-sleeping-habit i’ve previously acquired, but (minus the frequent bathroom trips) it just gets really, extremely hot at night! i’d find myself going to bed … Continue reading

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how much further along is the road?

whuddup homies i’m still pregnant. ha ha. – i decided to pass being induced. don’t think i could stand the pain of being induced, for a first time mommy. i’d rather have myself experiencing the natural gradual process of 1/10, … Continue reading

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